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  1. For the salvation of my parents,grandpa,Big C. and people God knows who I’m talking about. I especially ask for my grandpa because he is old and far away in a nursing home. I don’t want him to die in his sins. I want to see him in Heaven someday.

    • Amen Michelle,
      Father I come in agreement with Michelle concerning the salvation of those she loves. Father we ask that you send an envoy that will be able to minister to them and lead them to our Lord and Savior Jesus. Father I also pray for Michelle, give her peace at this time and minister to her as she prays for those she loves…

      In Jesus Name,

  2. S.L.
    I’m at breaking point in terms of my faith, I can’t take any more Lord. You know what’s going on, please help so I don’t give up

    Prayers needed…

  3. I am praying for my walk to be strong again. I am praying for my life to be a living, walking testimony of Gods truth & love. Not in words but action & truth. For healing in all areas from the inside out so I can give back to God & others in a genuine & spiritually healthy way. I thank you Lord for all you’ve done & are doing right now. Forgive me all my sins Jesus. Wash me & cleanse me of all my sins & i beg u my Lord, please set me free of any & every yoke of bondage I’ve entangled myself up in Lord. I pray these spoken/open & unspoken requests Father in Jesus name, Amen

    • Just keep Jesus first.. In Matthew 6:22 it says “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light”. If we are single “eyed” which means keeping our eyes on Jesus and him alone then we will be full of light. I would say this is in encouragement, keep you eyes on Jesus only. Stay in God’s Word and constantly be in prayer.

      Grace and Peace to You!


  4. Family
    My husband has a mass that shows on initial testings that it is cancer. He is scared and I’m in need of strength. Hoo boy! When two become one…pray for His healing but more so his salvation. God bless you, prayer warriors, as you have blessed me and then some.

  5. A Great Grandmother’s Request:
    Please keep my little 4 yr old great-grandson. He has been attacked by the disease of hemophilia & occasionally has spontaneous bleeds which require a factor IV when this occurs. I plead the Precious Blood of Jesus over him daily. I pray daily that Jesus cures this as doctors say they can not. He is a beautiful little boy whose first song i taught him was “Jesus Loves Me” please keep Richard in prayer…..Thank you.

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