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Word and Spirit

I am appalled to see the things that I am seeing posted on various sites from Christians. People naming the name of Jesus in one post turn around and post sexual messages, curse words, attacks on various people (Clinton/Trump), repost pictures from sites with ungodly names and messages, post meme’s with cursing in them, and even post meme’s with nudity in them. My question is WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!! After much prayer it came to me that they are either CINO’s (Christians in Name Only), Carnal Christians (Christians Who Love Their Sin), or Christians who are spiritually weak. Sadly if you are A & B then the only thing that will change you is true repentance and making Jesus Lord because nothing else is going to help you. However, if you are weak then this message is for you because you can become an overcomer!!

Imagine it is Monday morning, and you are getting ready for work. You know that you ate Sunday morning, but now you are too busy to eat until Wednesday night or maybe not until next Sunday. Yea you may grab a snack here and there, but you do not eat anything of substance that is good for you. Ask yourself this, how long do you think you will be able to maintain any kind of lifestyle with that kind of eating schedule? One Week? Two Weeks? One Month? Eventually your body is going to crash and you may even die because of this type of eating cannot sustain you. This is the problem with the Church today because for some reason Christians think that all they need is a Sunday morning message to get them through the week and this why so many of them have become weak. Even if you are lucky enough to go to a Church that still believes in meeting on Sunday and Wednesday nights (which there are very few anymore) that is still not going to be enough. For use to grow as Believers we need the Word of God DAILY in our lives. We sing it all the time “We need Jesus” yet many people leave Jesus standing at the Church door when they leave on Sunday morning. They say to themselves “We have to go because football is coming on” or “we need to hurry and get everything done so we can watch the Walking Dead” (which is a whole other sermon). After Church they feel pumped for awhile because of the message, but as the day goes on they soon forget the message and go about their ways (Mark 4:14-20).

Sadly, many Christian’s have substituted time with God with other things, and even some “good” things are not necessarily good for us. One example of this is devotionals, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, devotionals should never take the place of reading the Word of God. Remember that a man wrote them, and even though God can speak to us through them they are no substitute for time spent in fellowship with God in His Word. Another thing people like to do is what I call “Vitamin Boosts”. In other words, they will pop on a sermon on the internet and use that as a substitute. Once again, that is not a bad thing but you need to be real careful who you listen to because there are a lot of wolves in the sheep pen and even if you find a minister who is teaching the Word of God you still cannot substitute that in lieu of spending time in fellowship with God in His Word. Remember that books, tapes, messages on the internet, and even sermons are a man’s interpretation of God’s Word. Yes God can speak to us through them, but it will never EVER be the same as us spending time with God in His Word.

The next thing we must do every day is Praise and Thank our Father for all He has done. We need to do whatever we do to enter into His presence so he can continually fill us daily with His Holy Spirit and Power. There are a couple real good ways to do this; one being prayer and the other being praise. When we enter into his presence with praise and/or prayer we plug ourselves into HIS power. Many may say “I have no time for praise and prayer so when do you expect me to do that?” Well do you shower? Do you drive alone in your car? Are you ever alone during the day/night? That question is doing nothing but an excuse and God is tired of our excuses. Serving Jesus is not for the lazy, but for those who want to be servants of the most High God. As I have said on numerous occasions the Christian walk MUST BE PROACTIVE, because REACTIVE Christianity will fail. The daily filling of the Spirit is like water to our bodies, and we should never let ourselves become Spiritually dehydrated!

Serving Jesus is a daily walk, and to walk daily as we should we need to be fed and filled every day!!

If you have the Word and no Spirit you will Dry up…

If you have the Spirit and no Word you Blow up…

If you have both then you will Grow up…

God Bless,