12/16 News

December Hot News

December 31st, 2016

Obama Turns Back on America’s Best Ally

The EU vs. The Nation States

New Gender Pins to Be Used at University of Kansas

UN to Blacklist Companies Doing Business with Israel

U.S. Presidency is Degenerating Into a Cult

Iran: Israel is Risking Total Destruction

Trump to Collapse the Dollar in 2017

Turkey Approve Draft of Constitution to Give Erdogan More Power

Obama Validates Arpaio’s Report

Obama Issues More Sanctions Against Russia

2017 Will Be the Year Everything Changes

Elementary Kids Taught to Pray at Mosque

December 30th, 2916

Europe Cracks Down on Gold, Cash, and Bitcoin

2016 – 1 Christian Killed Every 6 Minutes

Brutal Reality Check Coming to America

Obama’s Anti-Jewish Laws Just Like the Nazi’s

The Threat to Pastors Religious Freedom in Iowa

Red Dawn Invasion of U.S. is Being Put Into Motion

Soros: Trump is Threatening my New World Order Plans

Pro-Abortionist Try and Make St. Louis a Sanctuary City

70 Nations to Discuss Creation of Palestinian State

ISIS Beheads Old Man as Children Watch

8 Year Old Girl Kicked Out of Boy Scouts

The History of Jerusalem

Fatah Thanks UN for Permission to Kill Jews

True Non-PC History of Islam

December 27th, 2016

Playing God: Evangelicals and Assisted Suicide

Italy: Schoolchildren Banned from Singing “Silent Night”

Colleges Abandon Open Debate

DHS Places Girl with Pedophile

Anchor Says Trump Hotels are Terrorist Targets

Obama’s Gun Ban Could Affect Thousands

So Far Only Jimmy Carter is Coming to the Inauguration

Mass Syrian Grave Found in Aleppo

NY Times says GOP Stole Supreme Court Seat from Obama

All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide

Dressed to Kill in New York

Obama Says He Could Have Won Again

California on the Verge of Becoming Its Own Nation

UN Gives All of Eastern Jerusalem to Palestinians

Netanyahu Summons U.S. Ambassador

December 26th, 2016

Netanyahu Stops Working Ties With 12 Nations Over Vote

Vengeance is Mine Sayeth the Lord

Illuminati Plan to Destroy All Nation States

China’s 1st Aircraft Carrier Heads for the Western Pacific

Trump Put Entire World on Notice

Iran Says It Has Sealed Boeing Deal for 80 Planes

Goldman Sachs is Manipulating the Dollar and No Arrests

Did You Know That Cannabinoids Heal the Body

Israeli Betrayal: Is America’s Reprieve Over?

Queen Elizabeth Under House Arrest After Message

Miracle on East 42nd Street

Islamists Increasingly Using Kids for Attacks

December 25th, 2016

The Rise of Robosexuals

Obama Joins the Jackals

Arctic Heatwave Could Break Records

Philippines: Muslims Throws Grenade at Christian Church

Obama’s Appalling UN Betrayal

Obama is Threatening Putin with War

South Carolina Bill Would Allow Teachers to Pray with Students

Texas Church Turns Christmas Production into Circus

ISIS Selling Children for Body Parts in Turkey

Pastor Admits to Embezzling $1 Million from Church

Customer Blesses Pregnant Mother with $900 Tip

Osteen Hits Delete Button If He Sees Negative Comment About Him

December 24th, 2016

U.S. Doesn’t Veto the UN Resolution Against Israel

Jeopardy Contestant Fulfills Her Dying Wish

December 23rd, 2016

The Federal Reserve is Sabotaging the Economy

Bus Driver Gives Hats & Gloves to Kids in Need

Making America Great by Printing More Fake Money

Lesbian Couple Burned Their Own House to the Ground

Hillsong’s Sleazy Silent Night

Get Inked While Listening to a Sermon

“Jesus Never Existed” Movement Picking Up Steam

Mega-Church Loses $4.8 Million in Ponzi Scheme

Priests Partake of Leviticus Showbreads

Turkey is on the Cliff of Complete Collapse

Hillsong’s Naked Cowboy is Back

December 22nd, 2016

Muslim Sends Two Daughters on Suicide Mission

Obama: Another $6 Billion in Midnight Regulations

Explosion After Vehicle Rams Into Christian Rights Group

Operation Rescue: The Pendulum is Swinging Our Way

31 Abortion Clinics Closed in 2016

Christians Hate Abortion But Not Euthanasia

Christians Are Now Facing Persecution in Burma

Problems With Roman Catholic Doctrine

Deadly Floods Inundate Southeast Spain

6.7 Earthquake Hits Off the Coast of Solomon Islands

December 21st, 2016

Transgender Agenda Forcing Kids Down Dangerous Road

5.7 Earthquake Strikes Ecuador

North Carolina to Repeal “Bathroom Bill”

Millennials Ditching Marriage and Church

Christmas Shoppers in the Crosshairs of Jihadists

UWEX 16 Drill Practiced Extreme Torture in FEMA Camps

Turkish School Bans Christmas

While American Christians Cry “Peace and Safety”

Abortion Clinic CEO Says Killing Babies is No Fun Anymore

3rd Gender Movement is Growing

December 20th, 2016

Tennessee Man Forgives Fire Starters Who Killed His Family

Small Business Owner Didn’t Want to Make Gay Pride Shirts

Surprise: Trump Surrounds Himself With Money

Atheists Say “No God in City Park”

Disney’s ABC Forsakes Families and Embraces the Immoral

3 Hurt at Islamic Center in Zurich

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Bombs 7 Countries

Terror in Berlin & Assassination in Turkey & Obama Golfs

Real Reason America was Given a Reprieve

Semi Plows Into German Christmas Market

Oklahoma Bill: Abortion Clinics Must Post Alternatives

December 19th, 2016

German School in Istanbul Cancel Christmas

Muslims Use 7 Year Old Girl for Suicide Attack

4,000 U.S. Troops Sent to Russian Border

U.S. Backed Rebels Use Mustard Gas on Syrians

Intentional Acts of Kindness

Earthquake Update 12-18-16

Chaos in the Streets of Venezuela

Fukushima Radiation is in Food, Water, and the U.S.

Sweden Told to Prepare for War with Russia

Trump’s New World Order

December 18th, 2016

60,000 Square Tear in the Ring of Fire

Wal-Mart is Selling Black Lives Matter Swag

U.S. to Ship 1,600 Tanks to Holland

Patient Diagnosed as “Islamophobic” on Popular CBS Show

Extremely Disturbing Developments in Washington

Pakistan: Five Girls Killed for Having Fun

Earth Has Shifted and Something is Happening in the Ring of Fire

National Geographic Now Promoting Transgenderism

Millions of Americans Could Face Starvation

Obama’s Lawyers Admit Birth Certificate is Forged

Muslim Rapes Woman on Bus in Minnesota

I Did Not Deserve to Die Because of My Father’s Crime

December 17th, 2016

Obama Makes Move to Protect Planned Parenthood Funding

UN Chief Urges Israel to Reconsider Settlement Deal

Nigerian Christians Under Pressure to Abandon Faith

Another Coach Reprimanded for Praying With Team

Church of Christ Sells  Historic Campus to Muslims

Obama’s Birth Certificate Proven to be a Forgery

Pro-Lifers Want Ohio House & Senate Back in Session

12 Year Old Tries to Blow Up German Christmas Market

Abortion Clinic Preyed on Woman for Money

Transgender Show Aimed at 6 Year Olds

Ex-Witch Reveals Connection Between Yoga and Satan

December 16th, 2016

11-16-16 Earthquake Update

Fall of Aleppo Could be Bad News for Israel

False Prophet Makes the Ill Drink Disinfectant for Healing

Britain Agrees to License 3 Party IVF Babies

“Ark of Gabriel” – A Very Dangerous Weapon

Your Future Will be Decided in 34 Days

Tax-Exemptions for Pastors is Unconstitutional

HS Administrators Trash Pro-Life Display

Obama Forcing States to Fund Planned Parenthood

Awake O Sleeper – Wake Up the Servant Warrior

Michigan House Bans the Selling of Baby Parts

December 15th, 2016

China Installs Weapons on Island in South China Sea

U.S. Ready to Confront China on the South China Sea

Man Tebow Prayed For Rededicates His Life

Identity Book Being Pushed Hard on 7 Year Olds

Congress Passes Bill to Combat Religious Freedom

Discernment – Most Neglected Gift of All

Gay Activist Gets Brady Bunch Star Fired from Show

Florida’s Largest Lake Now a Toxic Wasteland

Kasich Passes One Abortion Bill Bit Vetoes the Other

Abortion Clinic Calls 911 Emergency Every 6 Weeks

December 14th, 2016

School Choirs Banned From Nativity Celebration

Indiana Schools End Prayer During School Programs

Venezuela Voids Half Its Cash

China Flies Nuclear Bomber Over Islands

Israel Receives F-35’s

Microsoft Christmas Ad Blasted for its LGBT Agenda

Family Guy Kicks Out Jesus During Christmas Special

DOJ Sues Virginia County for Blocking Mosque

People With Mental Disabilities Can Now Be Microchipped

December 13th, 2016

Oxford University Tells Students to Use “Ze”

Monsanto Weed Killer Found in Cheerios

Italy: Priest Ban Nativity Scenes

Mobster Turned Minister Brings Message of Hope

Nurse Fired for Offering Prayer Before Surgery

Stock Bubbles: Are We Being Set Up for a Crash

Trump Says He Doesn’t Need Daily Intelligence Briefings

Ohio Abortionists Could Face Up to a Year in Prison

Ohio Passes a Bill Making Assisted Suicide a Felony

December 12th, 2016

9-11-16 Earthquake Update

Two Girls 7 & 9 Conduct Suicide Bombing in Nigeria

Vatican Orders Priests to Preach Climate Change

Terrorist Kill More Than 200 in the Last 48 Hours

The Prosperity Gospel

Trumps Cabinet: Goldman, Generals, and Gazillionaires

Terrorists Kill 25 Christians at Egyptian Church

Over 200 Dead in Nigeria Church Collapse

ACLU Sues Over Christmas Tree Cross

More Than 30 Dead After Tanker Rams Into Vehicles

Suicide Bomber Decimates Port

December 11th, 2016

12/11/16 Earthquake Update

City Fines Church $12k for Helping the Homeless in Maryland

At Least 29 Killed in Terrorist Attack at Soccer Field

Trump Picks Exxon CEO as Secretary of State

Turkey Jails U.S. Pastor for Terrorism

Healthcare Workers Warn Mandatory Vaccines are Here

Christian Bishop Saves Over 200 Christians from ISIS

America – The Great Illusion

Priebus is Stacking Trump Cabinet with Insiders

Child Advocates Urge Minnesota to Pass “Erin’s Law”

Pro-Life Teacher Fired for Speaking Out Against Abortion

December 10th, 2016

1st Open LGBT Senator Defends LGBT Equality

Middle East Worst Nightmare – Israeli & Russian War

China Prepares for Anti-Satellite Missile Test

Are We Being Set Up For a Crash

GOP To Reintroduce Anti-LGBT Freedom Bill

Taiwan on the Brink of Legalizing Gay Marriage

Jihad Bombing Near Pyramids Kill 6 Policeman

White People Should Kill Themselves

Cruz Makes Huge Move to Drain the Swamp

Persecuted Christian Bishops Denied UK Visas

December 9th, 2016

Historic Church in Connecticut Sold to Muslims for a Mosque

Biblical Storm Sent to Protect Israel from ISIS

4 In 10 Evangelicals Okay with Assisted Suicide

Education Secretary Wants Prayer Back in School

5 Year Old Given Okay to Start Sex Change in Australia

Pastor Says Battle About Gay Marriage is Over

Ohio’s “Pastor’s Protection Act” Clears House

Methodist Churches Converting to Virtual Mosques

Macy’s No Longer Sponsoring Planned Parenthood

7.7 Earthquake Strikes Off the Solomon Islands

December 8th, 2016

Family Guy Slams God and Jesus

Satanists Target Kindergarteners with Lies from Hell

Target Blocks Israel from Accessing Their Website

Israel Working to Stop Hezbollah WMD Transfer

1 Officer Killed and 1 Wounded in SW Georgia

Ohio Bans Abortions After 6 Weeks

Amazon Pulls Allah Doormats

Why is Trump Promising Tax Breaks to the Top 1%?

Time Magazines Vicious Hit Piece on Trump

December 7th, 2016

Pearl Harbor Plus 75 Years

Ohio Moves to Outlaw Abortion

Illinois Panel Says Christian B&B Must Host Gay Weddings

Tsunami Strikes Fukushima Nuclear Reactor

Texas Pastor Says Gay Marriage is the “Law of the Land”

Venezuelan Shops Now Weighing Money

5 Teens Arrested for Raping Boy in Sweden

Carrier Union Boss Says Trump Lied About Carrier Deal

War On Homeless Going on in American Cities

Senate Republicans Drop Religious Freedom Amendment

December 6th, 2016

The Lefts Coming Counter-Attack

Abortion Activist: Sex is Going to Be A Lot Less Fun

December 5th, 2016

ISIS is Hiding Thousands of Deadly Explosives in Iraq

NASA and FEMA Plan for the Unthinkable

UN Passes 6 Outrageous Resolutions Against Israel

Man Gets 6 Months Prison for Building Wind Turbine

UAE Telecom Unveils Human Injectable Microchip

13 Sentenced for Lynching Christian Couple

Female Suicide Bomber Uses 3 Children as Decoys

OPEC May Raise Oil Prices to Cripple U.S. Economy

December 4th, 2016

Phoenix Artists Suing to Ward Off LGBT Witch-Hunt

GOP Will Not Support Repealing Obamacare

Will President Obama Pardon Hillary Clinton

Indian & Pakistan – Signs of a Coming War

UN Wants to Erase All Jewish Ties to Temple

Palin Calls Trumps Carrier Deal Cronyism

Trump Will Not Rescind All of Obama’s E.O.’s

December 3rd, 2016

150,000 Muslims Demand Arrest of Christian Governor

Hijab is Good But Cross is Inappropriate

Girls in China were Victims of Sex-Selected Abortions

North Korea Killing More People Than the Middle East

Six Arrested After Machete Attack

Donald Trump Assembles a Team of Billionaires

December 2nd, 2016

Carrier Stayed Because Trump Threatens Them

UN Ignores Israel’s Ties to the Temple Mount

Israel: First the Fires and Now the Floods

Carter Urges Obama to Divide Land of Israel Now!

Trump Picks a Mad Dog as His Defense Secretary

Muslim Murders Daughter in Honor Killing

Castro’s Death Will Not End Repression of the Church

God is Waking Up People with Urgency

Hypersonic Missiles is a Growing Threat to the U.S.

December 1st, 2016

Christians Under the Gun in Egypt

North Korea Expanding Brutal Prison Camps

America’s Open Marriage With Jesus

Christians Believe Homosexuality is a Sin

Ontario Bill Changes Parent-Child Relationships

Another Cashless Society Joins Sweden and Australia

Turkey Has Declared War on Syria