01/17 News

January Hot News

January 31st, 2017

Tithe for Rebuilding Temple Reinstated

Divinity School Stops Praying to the Father

Iran Tests Ballistic Missile in Defiance of Resolution

Christians Arrested for Street Preaching in NJ

Red Dawn Invasion Takes a Huge Step Forward

Pro-Life Tsunami Flood State Legislatures

Muslims Enforce Sharia Law in London

The Real Relevance of “1984” Today

Trump Picks Steve Wynn to Be Finance Chair for the RNC

U.S. is On the Precipice of Widespread Civil Unrest

Pope Says Communist Theology was Good for Latin America

6 Dead After Terrorist Attack on Mosque in Quebec City

January 30th, 2017

David’s Sling Nearing Operational Status

Corporate America is Bowing Down to Trump

China Says “War With U.S. Becoming a Reality”

Ohio State Set to Teach Moral Justice Course

Canada Says They Will Take Banned U.S. Migrants

Federal Judge Issues Stay on Trump’s Immigration Ban

Paul Ryan: We Must Protect the Unborn

Reap the Whirlwind

January 29th, 2017

The Virgin Mary Will Marry Mohammad in Heaven

Pelosi Says Woman’s March Enabled Women

10 Sinister State Moves

EU Pushing Restrictions on Cash Payments

Denver Church Says LGBT Can Serve in Any Role

DHS: Trump’s Ban Includes Green Card Holders

Passengers from Yemen and Iran Banned from NYC Flight

Trump and Pence Say Unborn Lives Matter

January 28th, 2017

Trump Says U.S. Will Prioritize Christians Refugees

Trump Signs EO to Keep Out Radical Terrorists

Miami-Dade Cancels Sanctuary Status

North Korea Will Nuke L.A. If U.S. Continues Threats

Americans: Bill Us For The Wall

China Fears U.S. & Russian Alliance

Trump is Doing What He Said He Would

Trump Freezes DHS International Trips

Trump Signs EO to Defund the United Nations

Trump is Considering Removing Russian Sanctions

January 27th, 2017

Pope Says Koran is a Book of Peace and Islam is Peaceful

Trump Tweets He Will Send Feds to Chicago

Trump to Give Saudis/Kuwait $1.8 Billion in Arms

Planned Parenthood Caught Refusing Prenatal Services

Trump Admits Americans are Going to Pay for the Wall

New Texas Bill Would Make Abortions “Murder”

20,000 NYSE & $20 Trillion in Debt – Coincidence?

Scientists Create Part-Human and Part-Pig Embryo

Chili’s Uses 15% of Bills to Fund Abortions in Two States

Gay Clergy No Longer Have to Swear to Celibacy

January 26th, 2017

The Russian-Turkish-Iranian Axis of Power

Trump Says Border Wall Construction to Start Within Months

Divinity School Told to Use Gender Neutral Terms for God

28 Killed in Mogadishu Terrorist Attack

Venezuela’s Socialist Meltdown Could Happen in America

Mnunchin Backs FED Independence

Trump to Announce Ban of Muslim Immigrants

Trump Just Put Chicago on Notice

January 25th, 2017

No Safe Spaces for “Persecuted Christians”

China Reportedly Moving ICBM’s to Russian Border

Female Jihadists Using Babies to Avoid Detection

Arkansas Passes Ban in Dismemberment Abortions

Israel Removes All Funding from the UN

Surface to Air Missiles Deployed at Standing Rock

HUD Suspends FHA Mortgage Loan Rate Cut

Researchers Given Okay to Bring Dead Back to Life

January 24th, 2017

Satanism Has Infiltrated the America Church

Monday: Trump Signs Three Executive Orders

Russia Could Wipe Out Britain on the Battlefield Easily

Divide in America is Deeper Than Ever

Trump Pulls America Out of the TPP

Key to Trump’s Presidency – American Empire

Foreigners Dumping U.S. Debt at Record Pace

Pro-Life Feminists Not Wanted at March for Life

Trump to Companies: Make It Here or Page Huge Tax

January 23rd, 2017

Trump Still Won’t Release His Tax Returns

Nicole Kidman Has Been “Blacklisted” From Hollywood

Trump Did Terrible Thing to Homeowners on Day 1

U.S. Announces Withdrawal from TPP

Trump to Sign EO Blocking Funds to Planned Parenthood

900,000+ Christians Martyred in the Last 10 Years

Trumps EO Will Weaken Obamacare

Maddog Deepens His Divide with Trump

Trump to Announce Embassy More Tomorrow

January 22nd, 2017

Trump’s Inauguration Hat’s Made OUTSIDE the USA

We’re Coming for You Now Hillary

RPG’s are Coming Across the Border

CNN Blacklisted from White House

Jared Kushner Cleared to Serve as Trump’s Adviser

Trump Already Gets to Work

Trump Doubles Down on Jerusalem Embassy Move

Wasting No Time – Obama Starts His New Venture

January 21st, 2017

4 Christian Children Beheaded in Iraq

China: 6 Christian Woman Facing Charges for Bible Study

Jung-Un Fires Off Two ICBM’s to Celebrate Inauguration

Soros Promises to “Take Trump Down”

Trump is Already Facing a Soft Coup

The Rise of Satanism

Ronald Reagan’s Inaugural Address

Donald Trump’s Inaugural Address

Halley Opposes Making Abortion a Human Right

Trump – Bane or Blessing

Roe V Wade Now Called the “Day of Tears”

January 20th, 2017

Israel Deploys “Star Wars” Missile Defense System

Federal Judge on Trump’s SCOTUS Short List

What is Going On at Warren AFB?

Schumer: Trump is Building a Swamp Cabinet

DC Cops Stripped of Body Cams for Inauguration

LGBT Hosts Dance Party Outside Pence Rental

Weapons Cache Found in Washington DC

NY Protesters Camp Out at Goldman Sachs

Planned Parenthood Thanks Obama

January 19th, 2017

Obama Warns Trump “I Will Step In”

Satanic Temple of LA  Holds Largest Event Ever

Turkish President to Be Declared “Great Sultan”

Italy Reeling From 4 Major Earthquakes

Jihadists Murder 42 At French Military Camp

Abbas and Hamas Agree to Join Together

Trump Signals He is Softening on Immigration

Pardon Parade – Anti-Americans & Terrorists

U.S. Increases Weapons Airdrops

The Screwing of America – Healthcare

Obama Presidency – By the Numbers

January 18th, 2017

Justice Thomas to Conduct the Oath of Office

CIA, NHA, DHS, FBI, FEMA, and Others are Bugging Out

Terrorists and Drug Cartels Planning Border Attacks

Evangelicalism vs. False Gospel

Democrats Offer $2,500 for Citizens to Riot

Roundup Now Proven to Cause Liver Disease

Obama Pardons 64 People Today

Obama Commutes Bradley Manning’s Sentence

Pro-Life Laws Saving More Babies

4 Things Jesus Would Say to the Gay Community

It’s None of My Business So Stop Asking Me to Finance It

January 17th, 2017

North Dakota Seeks to Outlaw Masked Rallies

Gates of Hell Will Open if Trump Moves Embassy

EU Opposes Embassy Move to Jerusalem

Holland: 2 State Solution is Only Path to Peace

Protesters Caught Planning to Use Acid at Inauguration

Locus of Satanic Power in the World Today

Red Dawn Has Started

70 Nations Unanimously Call for Creation of Palestinian State

130,000 Italians Have Lost Their Savings So Far

New Grandmothers for Abortion Group Forms

Republican Leader Finally Playing Offense

January 16th, 2017

No Peace in Paris

Clinton Foundation is Layoff Off Workers

Signs Things May Be Going Down on Inauguration Day

Vincente Fox Picks Fight With Trump

Church Celebrates Epiphany with Muslim Song

Mayhem and Leftist Mob Rule

Syracuse University Stomping Out Scourge of Pink and Blue

Ringling Brothers Circus is Closing Down

Enslaved, Tortured, and Sacrificed: Islam’s Child Soldiers

January 15th, 2017

Attempts to Crush Christianity Has Helped It Grow

Americans are Sick of Big Government

Obama Now Deploying Thousands of Troops in Poland

Evangelicals Refuse to Compromise on LGBT Rights

Pastor Gets 3 Alarming Visits from Government Agents

Radio Station Censors Pro-Life Ad

Prepare for WWIII With Russia in the Near Future

Ryan: Mass Deportations are “Not Happening”

Trump’s Nominees Keep Contradicting Him

January 14th, 2017

U.S. Troops in Poland Making Russia Nervous

Trumps Pick (Maddog) Says Tel Aviv is Israel’s Capital

Religious Leaders Bless Opening of Abortion Clinic

More Foreign Troops in Colorado

More Signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars

Is this the Coup in America?

Good Samaritan Saves Life of Ambushed Trooper

Law Stand Prohibiting Free Speech Outside Abortion Clinics

The American Politician: Yes We Are Corrupt

January 13th, 2017

Pope to Host Abbas on January 14th

3,000 Homeless Denied Food As City Destroys It

Thousands of U.S. Vehicles Arrive in Poland

Nearly Everything is Chipped & Almost Everything is Tracked

Canada School Board Allows Muslim Sermon in School

AT&T Execs to Meet with Trump Over Time-Warner Deal

U.S. Is Facing Serious Threat of Civil War

What Deal Did Trump Make With Goldman Sachs?

Why Genesis 1:1 is the Most Offensive Verse in Bible

Senate Makes 1st Move to Kill Obamacare

Real Reason Race Relations Have Deteriorated

Maddog Says We Must Keep the Iran Deal

January 12th, 2017

Kerry Won’t Say the Western Wall is Part of Israel

Kerry Apologizes to LGBT for Decades of Prejudice

Morocco Bans Burqa for Security Reasons

72% of Cops Afraid to Make Stops and Question People

“Love Connection” Coming Back with Same Sex Couples

N. Korea Threatening U.S. With New ICBM’s

Amish Do Not Vaccinate and Rarely Get Autism or Cancer

Top 50 Countries Where Christians are Persecuted

Koran Verse Denying Jesus Sung at Scottish Cathedral

Sessions: Roe V Wade Was One of the Worst SCOTUS Decisions Ever

93% of Police Officers Now Fear for Their Lives

Trump Says He is Fine with “Gay Marriage”

January 11th, 2017

Activist Wants Inauguration to Be Biggest Riot in History

Black Pastors Urge Senate to Confirm Sessions as AG

70 Nations Set to Divide the Land of Israel

Oklahoma Named the Most “Pro-Life” State

Putin Just Exposed the Plot to Destroy America

Tampa: Food Not Bombs Arrested for Feeding the Homeless

Obama Okays Uranium Shipment to Iran

Pastor Slammed for Carrie Underwood Performance

January 10th, 2017

Church in DC Hires Married Lesbians as Co-Pastors

Pakistan Tests Seaborne Nuclear Missile

More Evidence Obama’s Birth Certificate is Fake

Mom & Son Are in Love and Want to Be Together

Group Pushing to Remove Washington Bathroom Rule

Has America Lost It’s Soul

Conservative Students Being Labeled as Hate Group

After Trump’s Threat Toyota Announces $10 Billion Investment

China Threatens Trump

Budget Will Add $10 Trillion to Debt

Trump’s Relative is Now His Senior Adviser

January 9th, 2017

Animals With Human Organs Now Possible

Russia is Moving New Missiles to Eastern Europe

Virginia Refuses to Track Refugees with TB – Cases on the Rise

Mystery Grows Over 100 Ton Granite Boxes in Egypt

Trump: There is No Palestine & Jerusalem is Not Your Capital

Israel Actively Preparing for the Messiah’s Arrival

ISIS Network Uncovered in All 50 States

2 Car Bombs Over Last 24 Hours Kill 60+

4 Dead in Vehicular Terror Attack in Jerusalem

January 8th, 2017

Trump: No Obamacare Changes for Two Years

Gospel Singer Getting Backlash After Her Sermon on Homosexuality

Moving Embassy to Jerusalem is a Declaration of War

Ellen Sends Strong Message to Christians on Her Show

France is Now the 52nd Country to Ban Spanking

ISIS Singles Out Dallas Megachurch for Attack

Ft. Lauderdale Suspect Came Here to Attack

U.S. Tanks Arrive in Germany to Boost NATO Defenses

COSMO Trying to Normalize Incest

Congress Starts Looking for “Wall Money”

New Texas “Bathroom Bill” May Spark Another Controversy

January 7th, 2017

America  Makes List Of Christian Persecuting Nations

Obama: I Am Not Going Anywhere on January 20th

Ellen Speaks Out About Banning Singer

Obama’s Blueprint for a 3rd Term

Trump Just Threatened Another Automaker

Ryan Says They Will Defund Planned Parenthood

Russian Nuclear Launchers Spotted in Syria

Trump Wants Congress to Build Wall & Not Mexico

2 State Solution Could Bring God’s Judgment

January 6th, 2017

Evangelicals Support Muslims for Mosque Permit

Virginia Governor Signs Bill Protecting LGBT

Sick Fox Comedy Features 6 Year Old Transgender

“Debunking Christian” Writer Becomes Christian

Maybelline Follows in Cover Girl’s Steps

Radical Revival Happening in China

Christian Clergy Welcomes in Islam

Trump Should Be Careful Attacking GM

Babies Born Alive and Left to Die After Abortions

CDC is Hiding Critical Information from the Public

January 5th, 2017

Army of Demons on the Loose

Virginia Governor Vows to Veto Abortion Bill

Liberal Petition to Get Obama to Declare Martial Law

Kentucky to Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks

2 Gunman Open Fire on Restaurant in Istanbul

Parents Can No Longer Make Medical Decisions for Kids

Trump, White, and the Prosperity Gospel

Abortion Clinics Say Sell Body Parts & Don’t Bury Them

They Clapped As Jerusalem was Taken from the Jews

January 4th, 2017

1-5-16 Earthquake Update

Obama Sends Special Forces to Russian Border

Ellen Disinvites Famous Gospel Singer

Cruz Introduces Bill for Term Limits

What Will You Do When the ATM’s Go Dry

Alabama Rules Unborn Baby is a Person

Christians Most Persecuted Group on the Planet

Bloodbath In Turkey, Is WWIII on the Way?

7 Signs You’re Not Living in the “Land of the Free”

Trump is Now Threatening GM on Twitter

Males and Critical Sefl-Reflection of Their Masculinity

UK Paper Publishes How to Guide on Abortion

Warnings from the Terrorists Themselves

What Country are You President Of?

India’s Prime Minister Defends Cashless Society

Korea is Close to Testing ICBM 

January 3rd, 2017

Republicans Who Could Be Trouble for Trump

Nigeria: Terrorist Use 10 Year Old Girl to Blow Up Market

I’m Watching the Construction of a FEMA Camp

Walking Your Kid From School is Now Illegal?

Soros is Planning Financial Armageddon to Stop Trump

Vatican Calls for Central Bank and Global Authority

Christians Calling Paula White a Heretic?

LGBT Attack Christians for Using Rainbow During Christmas

January 2nd, 2017

Rabbi: We Don’t Need America, We Have God

Mark Zuckerberg No Longer an Atheist

Nova Scotia “Everything is Dying”

2016: Over 32,000 Earthquakes Hit New Zealand

1-1-17 Earthquake Update

Stockpiling AK-47’s At Warren AFB

Texas Town Comes Under Fire for Displaying Cross

Hawaii Never Verified Obama’s Birth Certificate

Curse Israel – You Get Cursed

Church Wants Pastor Out After “Sex Tapes” Come Released

Rare Superbug Gene Found on U.S. Pig Farm

January 1st, 2017

Christian Leader Attacked Over Using the Rainbow

All Aircraft Carriers Now in Port

Dozens Killed at Turkish Nightclub

At Least 24 Dead in Baghdad Terrorist Attack

Troops Preparing to Cordon Off Major Cities

Netanyahu to Expose the Washington Pedophile Ring

Divine Islamic Revelation is Now International Law

Promiscuous Preacher Aims for 2017 Comeback

Obama is Setting the World on Fire as He Leaves

NYC Issues 1st Intersex Birth Certificate