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June 7th, 2017

After 2 Years will be closing. This is happening because we feel that the Lord is leading us in a different direction, however if you are on Facebook you will be able to still be able to access “Shining In The Dark” there…

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June 6th, 2017

This Evil Mega-Trend Will Proceed The Anti-Christ

UK Government is Ready to Take Over the Internet

Iran is Developing Advanced Nuclear Capabilities

Sarah Silverman Mocks Jesus And Promotes Abortion on Netflix Show

102 Working Age Americans Do Not Have Jobs

Muslims Screaming “Allahu Akbar” Storm Spain Wedding

Trump Moves To Privatize Air Traffic Control System

Cambodia’s Child Sex Traffic is Dwindling Thanks to Christians

Muslims Set Churches on Fire and Smash Church Statues in Philippines

June 5th, 2017

8 Filipino Christians Killed For Refusing to Recite Islamic Creed

Almost Half Of All Americans Die Nearly Broke

Coordinated Insanity Over Climate Change

Oppose Gay Agenda in Canada & You Could Lose Your Kids

Transgender Legislation Coming To A State Near You

GOP & Trump Running Out Of Time in 2017

Branson Says Trump Is Most Dangerous President in History

Rick Warren’s Youth Minister Arrested For Lewd Acts With Teen Boys

London Photo Shows Man With Canisters Strapped To Body

The Terrorist Sleeper Cells In U.S. Universities

London Citizens Had To Throw Chairs At Terrorists As Police Ran Away

Terrorist Released By Obama Arrested in France for ISIS Recruiting

Boy-Girl Destroys Girls in Track Meet

London Bridge Attack: 7 Killed & 48 Wounded

Beheading King Trump the XVI

ACLU to Trump “Glad We Both Agree – A Ban Is A Ban”

12 Arrested After London Bridge Attacks

April 4th, 2017

Took The Day Off After The London Attacks

June 3rd, 2017

Parents Force Children to Watch ISIS Execution Videos

Trump is the #1 Topic Of The Bilderberg Group This Year

Illinois Forcing Foster Parents to Support Transgender Kids or Lose Then

What To Expect When The Deep State Comes to Full Power

The Fallout From Trump’s European Tour

Trump To Sign Bill To Improve Vets Chances At Jobs

Trump Asks SCOTUS To Reinstate Travel Ban

Corruption Rampant In Every North Carolina Prison

Lots of Christians Get Secret Abortions – Even Church Staffers

Pittsburgh Mayor Says He Will Still Follow the Paris Agreement

News Blackout As U.S. Senators Meet With The Bilderberg Group

12 Signs The Economic Slowdown is Here

Trump Steps On Paris Agreement & Says He Stands For Sovereignty

Jerry Brown Defies Trump On The World Stage

June 2nd, 2017

Kushner Engaged In False Flag To Take Trump Down

Russia Escalates Spy Games After Years of U.S. Neglect

Planned Parenthood To Close 3 Abortion Clinics In California

Trump Has Yet To End Obama’s “Catch & Release” Policy

Trump Just Waived Law To Keep Embassy In Tel Aviv

Russia To Expand Its Presence In The Arctic With New Warships

Malaysian Toy Maker Sells ISIS Toy With ISIS Flag and Bombs

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way

In The Age of Trump Beijing Pivots To Europe

Vatican: Paris Deal Exit Would Be A Slap In The Face

June 1st, 2017

Evangelical Lutherans Vote For Unity With Roman Catholics

Russia’s New Hypersonic Missile Faster Than America’s

Merkel Paying Kids To Tattle On Parents Over Vaccinations

Biden Ordains His Second Same-Sex Marriage

Russian Lawmaker Says Russia Will Use Nukes To Defend Crimea

Ramadan in Afghanistan: At 80 Dead & Over 350 Wounded in Bombing

ISIS Is Holding Filipino Priest & Over 200 Others Hostage

Muslim Assailants Slaughter Christian Children Who Won’t Renounce Faith

Mattis Says That America Is Kicking The ISIS Fight Into Annihilation Mode

American Foreign Policy Is A Trainwreck

How Trump Hatred Is Designed To Save Iran

How To Clear Twitter And Facebook Cache

U.S & European Trade Deal Still Possible

Senator Franken Is Still Standing Behind Kathy Griffin

May 31st, 2017

Culture Wars – Censoring To Protect You

Church of Scotland to Allow Gay Marriage?

North Korea Warns of Bigger Gift Package For The U.S.

How The U.S. Made Iran Responsible for 9/11

UK Government Helping Promote Palestinian Victimhood

Mike Dubke Resigns As White House Communications Director

Christian School Defends Punishing Girl Who Rejected Abortion

Our Government is Being Taken Over from Within

Heineken Calls For A World Without Borders or Barriers

3 Questions You Are Not Supposed To Ask About Life in a Sick Society

Hawaii Prepares for Nuclear War with North Korea

Trump “Senate Should Use Nuke Option To Pass Health Care”

Weaponized Pastors Promote State-Centered Religion

Early Morning Bombing in Baghdad Kill 31

May 30th, 2017

Pennsylvanian Republican Wants To Eliminate Private Gun Sales

The Deep State Is Eliminating All Opposition To Its Power & Control

Arch of Baal Erected One Month Prior to G7 Summit

Is Chaos In Syria Fulfilling Bible Prophecy

ISIS Is Causing Major Havoc In The Philippines

FBI Admit They Knew Hitler Was Alive in 1984

Why Is The Media Ignoring America’s Drinking Water Crisis?

Why Do Roberts and Paul Fear a Trump Assassination?

The Christian Exodus From The Middle East

Merkel Warns That U.S. Is No Longer A Reliable Ally for Europe

Muslim Group Calls for Ramadan “Jihad” Against Trump

Stunning “Ingathering” of Jews To Israel

Why Have All The Combat Troops Been Sent Out Of The U.S.?

Muslims Stone Man To Death For Adultery

Netanyahu No Longer Supports The Two-State Solution

The Race For Hypersonic Superiority Is On

Portland Stabber Wanted to Kill Trump Supporters

North Korean Satellites In Ideal Position To Launch EMP On America

Rex Tillerson – Dark Knight Of The Hoax

Trump Condemns The Portland Stabbings

Trump May Pull Out of the Paris Climate Agreement

Trump Accuses Abbas Over Lying About Peace At The White House

Finnish Protestants Have Intense Debate Over Same Sex Marriage

Are We Fighting Terrorism Or Creating More Terrorism

May 29th, 2017

Sovereign Movement Is Anti-Government & Off The Grid

Fukushima Comes To America – The Hanford Disaster

Tillerson Declines To Hose Ramadan Reception

Deep State Vs. The Republic – Lives Depend On Who Wins

10 Planks of American Socialism

Trump Seeks to Deny Gun Rights To Non-Violent Criminals

U.S. Deploys 3rd Aircraft Carrier Towards North Korea

8 Dead in Shooting Rampage in Mississippi

About 3800 Jailed in New York for Being Poor

The Keys To True Peace in the Middle East

Trump Pushing Big White House Changes As Russia Crisis Grows

May 28th, 2017

Americans Love Jesus But Struggle With The Church

The Bombings Have Only Just Begun

Kushner Did Propose Talking With Russians Via Back Channel

Dresses Are Turning Dresses Into Fashion Statement

If You Knew What I Knew About Terror You Would Stay At Home

Muslim Sues Little Caesar’s for $100 Million Over Pizza

Military is Deploying 8 Interceptor Missiles in Alaska

Manipulating the Mass Mind & Attention

St. Louis Ordinance Forces Churches to Fund Abortions

Obama “We Can’t Hide Behind A Wall”

Abolition of Whiteness Course Fulfills College Requirements

May 27th, 2017

The Belief That God Created Humans Is At All Time Low

ISIS Calls For All Out Attacks To Celebrate Start of Ramadan

Christians Clinging to Faith In Mexico Despite Persecution

University Hosts Workshop On “White Privilege”

America Is Reaping What She Has Sown

Lord Rothschild Discusses How His Family Created Israel

Las Vegas Police on Alert After Latest ISIS Video

Humanity is Suffering From a Divide & Conquer Strategy

Ramadan Rage Day One: 28 Christians Killed in Egypt

May 26th, 2017

Gates Announces Microchip to Control Population

Trump Challenges China For Control of Seas

The Social Fabric of America is Eroding

Iran Says It Has Built It’s 3rd Underground Missile Factory

Peace Through Mutual Blackmail

Abortion Clinic Caught Arranging Abortion to Cover Up Incest

President of the Philippines Declares Martial Law

Egyptian President Calls Out Trump For Aiding Terrorists