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May 1st – 20th News
Jesus Is The Way, The Truth, And The Life…

May 23rd, 2017

Is The American Church Vulnerable to a Fake Revival

U.S. Data Shows The Transgender Surgeries Are On The Rise

Lahren Takes Job With Pro-Trump Organization

Employee Discrimination Lawsuits Hit Fox News

What Time Is It On God’s Calendar

Ivanka Praises Saudi’s On Women’s Rights

Jerusalem If I Forget You

Texas Passes Bill on Transgender Bathroom Use

Planned Parenthood Closes 2 Clinics in Colorado

Muslim Child Marriage Victim Tortured & Set On Fire

Trump Visits The Western Wall in Israel

Ringling Brothers Circus Closes After Nearly 150 Years

Michael Flynn Pleads the 5th & Will Not Comply With Senate Probe

Trumps Budget Will Slash Spending and Food Stamps

Pentagon Plans to Annihilate ISIS Forces

SCOTUS Rules North Carolina Gerrymandering is Racist

U.S. Economy Has Left Millions of Americans Behind

Lawmakers Say Your Child Belongs To The State

Netanyahu Says For The First Time There Is A Chance For Peace

May 22, 2017

Russia is Buying Up U.S. Debt

9/11 Families Send Trump Letter Over Saudi Arabia

North Korea Launches Another Ballistic Missile

In His Speech Trump Says Terrorists Are Not Muslim

The Designed Decline of Public Education

Global Pedophile Ring Controls Hollywood

May 21st, 2017

Chinese Firm Claims To Get VISA’s Approved Through a Kushner Company

Expects Warn of Coming War on U.S. Streets

Trump is Taking Steps to Fix the Student Loan Business

Why Comey Was Fired And The Deep State is Running Scared

North Korea Says U.S. Must Curtail Its Hostile Policy

Woman Has Abortion So She Can Party And Go Sailing

Good Vs Evil In The Supreme Court

People Here Think Trump Is A Laughingstock

Levin “Trump Is A Few Steps From Being Destroyed”

More Dangerous Terrorists Bound to Hit Europe

U.S. Army Indoctrinates Leaders to Accept Transgenders

Real War On Women Is Christian Women Being Tortured

Trump Signs $110 Billion Arms Deal With Saudi Arabia

Trump Waives Nuclear Sanctions on Iran, So What’s Next?

Ebola is Spreading – Infections Up 800% Since Last Week

Saudi’s Give Trump A Reception Fit For A King

May 20th, 2017

Russia’s Killer Satellites Re-Awaken

Growing Concerns Over West Coast Seismic Activity

Times Square Driver Says He Intended to Kill People

Official Warns of Imminent Laptop Bombs On Planes

Building The Next Master Race

ACLU & PP Fighting To Keep Teens Abortions Secret

What Happened To Trump’s Undying Support of Israel

Bob Beckel Fired From Fox News Over Racist Comment

Is There A Coup Attempt Underway In America?

University Gives $300,000 To Gender/LGBT Centers

Delusions of Private Property & Fantasies of Equality

Segregated White Students Banned From Student Lounge

May 19th, 2017

Everything You Own Could Soon Be Gone

Russia Plans To Boost Its Baltic Fleet

Your Lifestyle Is Being Ripped Away

The US is Preparing to Intervene in VZ

High School Discriminates Against Pro-Life Students

Woman Forgives Muslims Who Killed Her Husband

Trump Is Not Moving The Embassy to Jerusalem

Olbermann Calls For Foreign Governments to Topple Trump

One Dead After Car Rams Into Pedestrians In NYC

Message to Sessions – Quit Playing Nice

India Is Implementing The Beast System

Trump Rolls Out News Sanctions Against Iran

Police Departments Stocking Up for Summer of Rage

Investigator Says Trump/Russian Investigation is a Disaster

Conservatives Begin to Whisper “President Pence”

Trump “This is the Single Biggest Witch Hunt In History”

Space Is Now A Warfighting Domain

Dems Walk Tightrope on Impeachment

May 18th, 2017

Oklahoma Lawmakers Officially Declare That Abortion Is Murder

Dangerous Parasite Showing Up in Sushi and Raw Fish

Another Bigger Cyberattack Is Now Underway Globally

Dutch Banker Quits Illuminati After Being Asked to Sacrifice a Child

Sulforaphane Is The Miracle Compound You Have Never Heard Of

Honor Killings Are Islamic & Trump Is Violating The 1st Amendment

First Republicans Talk Impeachment of Trump

North Korean Leader Is Ready For Nuclear War

America’s Reign Of Terror – A Nation Reaps What It Sows

How Mommy & Daddy Sold Their Kids Into Slavery

May 17th, 2017

Mother Turns Her 8 Year Old Son Into A Drag Queen

Christian Pastor Admits Privately Worshiping Allah

More Americans Believe The Bible Is A Book of Fables

End Could Come Fast – You Have Been Warned

Americans Should Question Official “Chemical Attack” Story

Terrorist Confesses To Taking Part In Staged Chemical Attack

Ransomware Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

Who Is Behind the Most Recent “Malicious” Cyberattack

Italian Super-Volcano is Reaching Critical Stage

N.Korea Tests Nuclear Missile That Can Travel 2,500 Miles

Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction

May 16th, 2017

Trump Hoping To Jump Start Peace Process Next Week

The Shifting Sands of America’s Moral Compass

HS Changes Team Name Because It Is Making Students Uncomfortable

Germany Withdraws All Troops From Turkey

ICE Searching For Illegals Gets Door Slammed in Face by School

SCOTUS Refuses to Hear Appeal in NC Voter ID Case

Alaska: 2400 Earthquakes in the Last 2 Weeks

The Federal Reserve Must Go

New Variant of “Ransomware” Begins To Spread

May 15th, 2017

Poll Says Americans More Acceptable of Immorality Than Ever Before

U.S. Christians Risking Their Lives to Teach In North Korea

Sleeping Below the Ice and Now They Are Awakening

Chris Pratt Spreads Cheer to Hospitalized Children

The Twilight Of Our Twilight Zone

Muslims Threaten To Kill Christian Lawyer Defending Blasphemers