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Uplifting Stories and More…

Chris Pratt Spreads Cheer to Hospitalized Children

Jesus Delivers Hindu Woman From Demon Who Killed Her Sister

Kentucky Court Rules on LGBT T-Shirt Case

Kentucky is Fighting To Be The First State That is Abortion Free

Poland Considers New Law That Will Ban All Abortions

Why The Enemy Appears As An Angel of Light

Indiana Governor Signs Bill That Stops Secret Abortions On Teens

10 Abortion Workers Quit After 40 Days of Prayer

Celebrating Five Years Of Street Preaching in St. Augustine

The Man Who Died Preaching on the Titanic

Preparing Young People for a Lifetime of Faith

Despite Persecution, Christianity is Exploding in Bangladesh

3 Teachings About Jesus & Family You Need to Understand

Is Anyone Unredeemable?

Former Gang Member Now Saved and Leads a Church

Corbin Bernsen Regrets Aborting His Baby – His Worst Day

Digging Satan’s Claws Out Of Your Mind

Western Churches Have Adulterated the Gospel

The Holy Spirit Wants to Fill You Again

Tim Tebow Hosts “Night to Shine”

What is the Armor of God?

Sow Wrong – So Long

Hideousness of Hypocrisy

Man Saves Mom Trapped by Airport Shooter

Dead Ducks Don’t Flutter

Man Sees Family for First Time in 4 Years

“Debunking Christian” Writer Becomes Christian

Radical Revival Happening in China

And the Pro-Life Person of the Year Is…

Two NYC Siblings Use Christmas Business to Help the Homeless

Prayer for Peace and Joy at Christmas

Customer Blesses Pregnant Mother with $900 Tip

Jeopardy Contestant Fulfills Her Dying Wish

Bus Driver Gives Hats & Gloves to Kids in Need

Operation Rescue: The Pendulum is Swinging Our Way

Tennessee Man Forgives Fire Starters Who Killed His Family

Intentional Acts of Kindness

Tis the Season

Man Tebow Prayed For Rededicates His Life

Why Does the Bible Say to Fear the Lord

Christian Bishop Saves Over 200 Christians from ISIS

Macy’s Is No Longer Funding Planned Parenthood

3 Imprisoned Christian Men Miraculously Set Free

4 Bad Habits That Could Stop You From Growing

Just Because They are Homeless Doesn’t Make Them Bad

Girl Finds $100 and Feeds Needy Families

Abortion Falls to Lowest Rate in Decades

Prayer Vigil for Teens Burned in Fiery Crash

Thanksgiving for Lousiana

She Secretly Read the Bible in Prison

Dear Ruth

Lara and Eric Trump Donate $20 Million to St. Jude’s

6 Unexpected Places Satan Will Show Up in Your Life

Church in Indonesia Growing Despite Persecution

How Adoption Changes the World

Girl Says “Forgive Them” As She Dies

Woman Reunited With Daughter After 62 Years

94 Year Old Woman is Baptized

Hundreds Gather to Support Christian Florist

7 Simple Prayers

Loving the Unlovable

Fast, Furious, & Busted

From Wicca to Christ

America is Suffering from a Spiritual Drought 

The Bible and Speaking in Tongues

From Prodigal to Pastor – God is Not Done

How to Avoid Self-Deception

Your Sexual Past Doesn’t Make You Damaged Goods

4 Keys to Break Demonic Power

The Gospel of Me

This is a Real Teacher

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