Christianity: Apostasy, Blasphemy & Deception…

Osteen Apostasy: God Absolutely Approves of Homosexuals (06/06)

Apostasy: Pope Says Koran and the Bible are the Same (06/06)

Apostasy: When the Church Ignores Immorality (02/07)

Pope Releases a Video Saying All Faiths are the Same (01/11)

No More “Church as Usual” Survey Shows (01/11)

2 Tele-Evangelist’s Defend Their Private Jets (Cussing at 1:25) (01/05)

Apostasy: Christian Rapper Renounces His Faith in Jesus (01/05)

Vatican Says Jews Don’t Need Christ To Be Saved (12/10)

Colorado Pot Culture Creates The ‘Stoner Jesus Bible Study Heresy (12/04)

Reality Show “Preachers of Atlanta” Pastor to Hand Out Cigarettes/Condoms (11/28)

Juanita Bynum Who Spoke at Homosexual ‘Ordination’ to be Made Bishop (11/03)

‘United Church Of Christ’ Hosts Blasphemous ‘Drag Gospel Festival’ (10/27)

Growing Number Of Pastors Believe Christianity And Islam Are Similar (10/27)

Oprah’s ‘Belief’ Leads Millions Into False Religious Deception (10/23)

Joel Osteen Says Stop Debating People Who Aren’t Christian (10/17)

Archbishop Cupich Lays Out Pathway For Gay Couples To Receive Communion (10/16)

Deception: Virgin Mary Statue ‘Growing Taller, Smiling, Crying’ (10/14)

Chrislam Exposed Again (10/14)

Another Denomination Slips Into The Great Falling Away (10/14)

Methodist, Episcopalian Clergy ‘Bless’ Cleveland Abortion Clinic In Prayer Service (10/12)

Scottish Minister Says To Teach Jesus Died For Sins Is “Ghastly Theology” (09/29)

Worship of Pope Shows People are Ready for Anti-Christ (09/27)

Pope Tearing Down Christianity In Bid For One World Religion? (09/27)

Rick Warren, T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteen Express Excitement Over ‘Pope Francis’ Visit (09/27)

Billy Graham: ‘God Hasn’t Changed – His Wrath’ Will ‘Explode’… (09/18)

Pope Francis Assures Atheists: You Don’t Have to Believe in God to Go to Heaven (09/11)

Top Woman Priest Abused for Calling God “She” (09/12)

Jim Staley Guilty for $3.3 Million Scam

Presbyterian Church (USA) Hold First Gay Marriage at National Office (09/08)

34,000 Black Churches Leave Denomination Over Gay Marriage

Apostate Churches & Gay Marriage

If You Reject Christ’s Teachings, Are You Really A Christian? (09/09)

Mormon Leader Signals New Openness to Transgenders (02/13)

Jack Hayford – Christians Will Not Escape Coming Tribulation

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