A_Locations of the 7 Churches

Seven Churches of Revelation


The letters are broken up into several levels. The first is that they were actual churches of their time, and archaeological findings have confirmed this. Since there were many much bigger churches during this time such as the church at Jerusalem, Corinth, and Rome, I would have to speculate that these seven Churches were a cross-cut representation of major issues that all churches may encounter. The second level are the warnings that Christ gives to the seven churches. Each of the letters has this very important phrase “Hear what the Spirit says to the churches”. Notice it is not singular “church” but plural “churches”, which tells us these messages were for every church in existence during John’s time. Also, once we understand these messages we can see seven very distinct profiles of Christianity. The next level is that these messages are for every Christian and church that has ever existed. Notice he says “He that hath an ear let him hear…” This tells us that anyone with an “ear” to “hear” should heed his admonishments to the seven churches. To put this in perspective, has anyone ever heard a message on a Sunday morning and say “Golly gee Ma, I wish so-and-so would have been here because she could have really needs that message”. I know I have, and this is where many of us get in trouble because they think the messages to the seven churches are for everyone else, and not ourselves. So as we go through these messages, I pray God will open our hearts so HE can speak to us. The next level is the prophetic level because if you study church history you will see that the church went through all the stages listed in Revelation 2-3. This kind of accuracy cannot be manmade, but can only be inspired by God. The final level are the promises, however the promises are not just handed out. Each time a promise is mentioned there is the condition of “He who overcometh…” Jesus said the same thing in Matthew 24:13 when he said “But he that endure unto THE END, the same shall be saved”. For us to obtain the end time promises then we must be faithful and overcome everything that comes our way, even if it means our very lives.


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